What?! We Thought You Knew.

We know the ISO world can get quite challenging:
Your call with the merchant went well; the app is back with bank statements, but on the other side - sub-brokers, lenders, sales force, and associates from parallel industries, are all making efforts to win the same deal, at any cost. The word "competition" wears a different meaning and gets blurry the more you outsource your files.

Real alternative in the cash advance world? The VitalCap Way.

We are "sales-forceless" and focus entirely on customer service, ISO relations, underwriting, and of course - funding. That is why we are always available for you or your merchants; super responsive, accurate and efficient. 

Time is a key: We understand that the more efficiently we act, the better chances are that we get the deal done. The results: Quick offers, accurate underwriting and speedy funding.
Technology has some "buts": We rely on tech as an important tool, never as a deal maker or breaker. Our underwriters look at every deal, every time, and almost always get you and your merchants unique and affordable solutions.
Long lasting relationship: Renewals are now easier than ever (and you are the first to know!)