Aloha from VITALCAP

We here at VitalCap Fund understand that in business Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong) can at times be the worst kind of customer.  This was the case with a local restaurant in Hawaii we've funded, which had been in business for a few years.  This business was started by a couple after they became newly weds.  The wife ran the front of house with managing while the husband was the chef. They often relied on one another as a team to keep business booming, which worked for a while, however, when the husband had gotten into an unforeseen traffic accident and got bed ridden this business was going to need some help.

With our funds the wife was able to hire more chefs to handle the back of house, this was able to help keep food coming as well as giving jobs to upstarting chefs interested in the restaurant business.  It is always great to go into a team effort for business, especially with a loved one but when accidents happen, it’s perfectly fine to realize when may need help and it’s a great thing to say that VitalCap Fund is a funding company that believes in taking a different approach with small businesses.