3 Years is kind of a big deal...

You're invited.
VitalCap is celebrating 3 years of direct funding, brand new 3rd positions programs, and superb bonus structure when you fund 300k+ with us this month.

       > 100% direct funder, no sales team
       > 1st, 2nd, 3rd positions
       > Full underwriting prior to offers
       > Daily or Weekly (even on 2nds)
       > Same commission on renewals
       > Early payoff discounts
       > Same-day funding on most deals
       > Monthly bonuses

Call your ISO rep today:

What?! We Thought You Knew.

We know the ISO world can get quite challenging:
Your call with the merchant went well; the app is back with bank statements, but on the other side - sub-brokers, lenders, sales force, and associates from parallel industries, are all making efforts to win the same deal, at any cost. The word "competition" wears a different meaning and gets blurry the more you outsource your files.

Real alternative in the cash advance world? The VitalCap Way.

We are "sales-forceless" and focus entirely on customer service, ISO relations, underwriting, and of course - funding. That is why we are always available for you or your merchants; super responsive, accurate and efficient. 

Time is a key: We understand that the more efficiently we act, the better chances are that we get the deal done. The results: Quick offers, accurate underwriting and speedy funding.
Technology has some "buts": We rely on tech as an important tool, never as a deal maker or breaker. Our underwriters look at every deal, every time, and almost always get you and your merchants unique and affordable solutions.
Long lasting relationship: Renewals are now easier than ever (and you are the first to know!)

Hit the funding pedal, Jack!

An application came across our desk earlier this week about a man that built up his own car dealership specializing in foreign, exotic and rare sports cares from different corners of the world. He collects them and trades with others and is highly passionate about his love of the especially how they work. His plan to expand his inventory in order to accommodate more customer requests was jaw dropping to us upon the site inspection (a usual step do for bigger deals). He was so open about his influences and future plans that we couldn't wait to fund him. A meeting back in New York kept us from giving his Ferrari a to drive but he made us promise to come back in order to get the feel of it and se a glimpse of what drives him. We love these type of merchants that are hands on with their business and goals.

Are you that type of merchant as well?

Super-hero funding

We were lucky enough to have a situation where we got to help out with a merchant as well as within the community. We had the privilege of being able to back a local business merchant that was a distributor of ambulances. Their outstanding business service and customer service reflected in the merchants product. VitalCap fund was able to give them a cash flow which brought in not only a great influx of state of the line ambulances for their business but as well as new customers impressed with how professional and up to date the merchants ambulances were. This is a merchant that hospitals have relied on for years and to be able to help out such a business was a great joy on our part. 

Aloha from VITALCAP

We here at VitalCap Fund understand that in business Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong) can at times be the worst kind of customer.  This was the case with a local restaurant in Hawaii we've funded, which had been in business for a few years.  This business was started by a couple after they became newly weds.  The wife ran the front of house with managing while the husband was the chef. They often relied on one another as a team to keep business booming, which worked for a while, however, when the husband had gotten into an unforeseen traffic accident and got bed ridden this business was going to need some help.

With our funds the wife was able to hire more chefs to handle the back of house, this was able to help keep food coming as well as giving jobs to upstarting chefs interested in the restaurant business.  It is always great to go into a team effort for business, especially with a loved one but when accidents happen, it’s perfectly fine to realize when may need help and it’s a great thing to say that VitalCap Fund is a funding company that believes in taking a different approach with small businesses.